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Forum admin behavior - anti-consumer

I just wanted to offer my opinion here, but I think one of the most glaring problems with this "community" is the behavior of the admins/moderators.  The entire reason you have a forum is so that users can discuss experiences with the products, offer peer-solutions, discuss ideas, and maybe even share mutual opinions.  That being said, The powers that be in charge of this forum aren't having ANY of that, and the practice of CLOSING threads so aggressively, especially when at times it seems it's just to get the last word in on a topic, is extremely anti-consumer.

PioneerDJ, as a whole, doesn't seem to understand WHY people are even here, and engaged in the first place.  I think it's safe to say if we weren't a stakeholder in PioneerDJ, this place would be completely irrelevant.  Now being that the forum is owned by Pioneer, we don't have any rights to post what we want here outside of the scope of "Terms of Service," but as stakeholders, Why would Pioneer not have a genuine interest in what we have to say, offer, or share?  I have had posts of mine closed prematurely, I have had my forum account removed, (and probably associated posts too).  I have seen other threads closed and locked without proper resolution, and lastly, and this is the worst, I have seen where I, an owner of Pioneer DJ products have been told to kick rocks, with no apology.  I have seen threads closed for simply mentioning a competing DJ product (although this is mentioned in the forum rules that I had to hunt for),  Threads closed simply because the Forums Admin just simply doesn't like them.  This is all very anti-consumer in my opinion.  

I would implore the powers that be at Pioneer DJ to consider this behavior, and the anti-consumer climate it creates here. 

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Posts are closed because:

- an answer has been provided and we don't want other users coming along posting a "me too" when quite often their issue is NOT related

- we have directed the user to file an inquiry ticket

- the content did not require further discussion or input, whether from a user or admin

I looked at the history of your posts and see that you had two posts closed: one because you were complaining that we had closed another post about scrolling on a Lenovo. That linked post was closed because the engineers were dealing with the scrolling issue and your contribution added nothing, and I noted you were using an AMD processor. The complaint post was closed because it was a complaint about our policy of closing posts. Regardless of whether or not rekordbox is working on your AMD computer, that platform is not supported and ANY issue you may encounter is thus not going to be supported either.

Your other recent post where you were asking about AMD, I provided a chart showing market penetration of AMD processors and closed it because an answer was provided; "No, not at this time."

You are welcome to post, but we are here to answer and moderate the content.

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Two things, one, I actually had more forum content besides just those two posts, but I literally had a forum account removed with no explanation.
Two, my whole post about supporting AMD was a discussion, not a request, so even though it's in your prerogative to stay oh, "no, not at this time," my reason for bringing up that topic was for open discussion and friendly debate, but it was nuked following the first response. Maybe I don't fully understand this forums role within the company, but I thought I read that it was not intended for support, but my post was treated as such. I wanted to talk about some other ideas behind that question I posed, but on the flip side, I don't want to litter the forum with a whole bunch of topics about the same thing.

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