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DDJ-400 Driver makes audio crack and freeze but is fine when I use the Realtek audio drive

so I’ve had the ddj-400 for 8 months now and it’s my first controller, I’ve never had any problems and I did change computers once throughout the 8 months. After switching computers there was no problems until this happend out of nowhere. I first realised there was an issue with the driver when I played a song on rekordbox and it started to crack and freeze. I then went onto preferences/audio and the selected driver was my Ddj-400 driver, when I switched it to Realtek audio driver it played fine without cracks and freezing. Something is wrong with my driver and I don’t know what to do. Please help me

Pthank you

-David Correia

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Your computer, while powerful, is a gaming computer - and as such, the system will typically prioritize the graphics over continuous audio performance. The DDJ-400 itself and the drivers are fine. One of the things you could try is updating the graphics drivers from the NVIDIA site (not MSI, and not Windows), and also ensure that you have disabled any background applications - I know MSI ships with apps that are supposed to give a "performance boost" to the system, but they cause problems.

The other thing to check is that you have disabled the Intel turbo-boost function, either in the BIOS / UEFI, or by adjusting the Windows power management profile to throttle the CPU to a maximum of 99%.

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Can you tell me a bit about your computer?

- make/model
- CPU model
- RAM (in GB)
- OS version/build number

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-It is a MSI Trident 3

-intel core i5 7th gen

-8GB Ram

-Windows 10

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