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DDJ-RX - Headphones control board broken after falling on the floor

Hi all,

Saturday nigh, just at the end of a mix session, a drunk man overthrown the table where my DDJ-RX was.. :(

The front panel wich controls the headphones is broken as you can see on the pic.

I'am searching for a spare part to replace it, I have not found yet, but i think it's something like this :

(this one is for the DDj-SX)

I found a website who sell a spare parts wich is called Front PCB Assy. (for the DDJ-RX)



But they don't put a picture of it so I don't know il it's the right spare part.

Does anyone know about the name of the spare part ?

Thank you for helping.

Luvi Répondu

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@Ludo > That part is correct; it the Front PCB Assembly (704-SXMK3-B254).

I don't know who Instrumental Parts is, but they're selling that board at the same price as our official supplier (PacParts). I'd recommend using PacParts as they're authorized and can definitely get you the correct part from us officially.

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Ok thanks.

Do you know if the part comes with the knobs ?

Luvi 0 votes
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I can't actually tell from the parts diagrams if they are or not, but they're just caps -- the same as the trim knobs, so you could pull them off and pop them on the posts if they aren't included.

Pulse 0 votes
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