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DDJ-SX2 and Serato stopped working

I am using a Serato DDJ-SX2 with Serato DJ Pro. Everything is all up to date. I have been using this setup for years now and it suddenly stopped working. It may be some sort of audio setting. Sometimes Serato will actually connect to my mixer but no sound plays (yes I'm sure the volume and all that is up or working) and I can't adjust the tempo. The tracks I put in are stuck at -8 bpm. I also tried a different wire and all the USB ports. Please help

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The audio problem makes it sound like it's a hardware failure, but try this... Go to the settings > MIDI tab, select the SX2 on the list at the top, ensure that the remapping is UNCHECKED, then click the RESTORE DEFAULTS button at the bottom and test again.

If you still have problems, contact an authorized service centre near you for diagnostic and repair options.


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