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My thought about the DDJ-800

I guess this controller may be ok for someone starting to get into the DJ world. What I would rather invest on would be on a Stand along DDJ-1000 or (All in one controller with jog wheel like the DDJ-1000) with spinning platter and independent cue pads. Pioneer hate spinning platter. They think they are going against what they originally wanted to change and actually Did. Yet they can give us the best of both world and do not see it.


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By going with full size platters on a stand alone they're essentially killing their own business model on their media players (CDJs). No business will do that. 


I get your point from a consumer stand point, from a business stand point, if it ain't broken don't fix it. The amount of people that are requesting moving platters (publicly) is way lower than those that simply don't care as long as it has a Pioneer DJ logo on it. 

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Denon I guess do have a more closer relationship with the DJ community. They did not feel that offering choices is going to hurt the way they have done things. In fact there is the option that both technology can be house with in the same unit but that is not necessary. They can make limited edition unit and see how are they received. if sales are good make more if not only those who see it as something of their interest will be a happy consumer. I see you point from the angle of business do not care as long as there are small minded people who rather have quantity over quality. I'm just making an example here. As you said people will buy base on logo just because once upon a time that logo meant something. Let clarify something I know pioneer have good product and I use some of them but I believe they could do better if they only try to listen to consumers.

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Everyone has an opinion. I for one can't WAIT to get my hands on the DDJ-800. I am a Wedding DJ and it seems the majority of DJ hardware these days is geared towards Club DJs. I own the DDJ-1000 and will be selling it as soon as my 800 arrives. When I got the 1000, my thoughts were "wow, this would be great as a 2-channel controller... something a little smaller and lighter"  I don't need four channels. I don't need two USB connectors. Well, bam! Pioneer introduces the DDJ-800! And, kudos to Pioneer for putting 2 mic channels in it. A lot of the smaller controllers only have one mic input. For me, this will be the perfect controller for weddings. Thank you Pioneer!

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