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DDJ 200

Can your confirm if this can be connected to a more powerful output source than just a bluetooth speaker?

Does it have a master out? Phono connections? Or something that could be connected to a club setup?

Also could you compare the jog wheel sensitivity too a wego4? Thanks

Shaun Green Répondu

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@Shaun > The DDJ-200 doesn't have an audio outputs. You could possibly transmit audio over BT to a speaker, but we don't recommend it due to latency. Your phone's headphone jack (or connected audio output adapter) would be able to connect to any speaker or output device. If you're using it to control rekordbox, you can use the built-in headphone jack, or any audio interface you want and connect it to any speaker or output device.

I haven't had any hands-on time with the DDJ-200 myself, but from what I'm told, the feel and responsiveness is very similar to that of other like-products (the DDJ-400, DDJ-RB, DDJ-SB3, etc).

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