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DJS-1000 White Edition ?????


where can I purchase this DJS1000 because this is not coll that in the past 5 months or less I purchased my DJS 1000 and I even ask the pioneer DJ salesman if they had it in white because I own your top of the line set up and i would like for my set up to match especially after all the money i have spent please do help i'm not mad just disappointed please reach mout to me at 4156856559 i'm a employee of your number one Pioneer DJ top Seller in the Bay area for the past 10+yrs you probably have heard of the store - WORLD OF STEREO in SAn Francisco California please help me

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Hey Alxsisj, we don't currently make the DJS-1000 in white, and I'm not aware of any plans to release it as such - but I would encourage you to consider options such as StyleFlip or 12 Inch Skinz to apply a decal / overlay to your DJS, and Coolorcaps or Chromacaps to customize the knobs.

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