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Feature Suggestion: DJS-1000 - 4 CDJ Mode - Disable Ability to be set as Master Deck

This would ideally mirror the SP-16's Pro DJ Link functionality when enabled and allow a 4 CDJ/XDJ + DJS-1000 setup to leverage Pro DJ Link in the same manner that the SP-16 does (BPM/Beat/Bar); and disable the DJS-1000's ability to be set as Master Deck.

I understand that Pioneer has never said that Pro DJ Link can be used with more than 4 players; but Pro DJ Link can support the 4 CDJs + the SP-16 in a meaningful way and the DJS-1000 is just as good of a candidate for a 4 CDJ/XDJ setup as the SP-16 is.



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I hate that there is no way to disable the ability to autoset the DJS-1000 as Master Deck.

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