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Toraiz Squid feature request: add a [no change] track mute option in Pattern Set edit mode

Toraiz Squid firmware v1.10 adds Pattern Set edit mode.  See the addendum 1.10 document for details: http://docs.pioneerdj.com/Manuals/TORAIZ_SQUID_SQUID_Addendum_Firmware_Ver110_Operating_Instructions_EN_addendum/


Page 10 of that document describes editing the track mute setting in Pattern Set edit mode.  There are currently 2 options: unmuted and (muted).  This forces the track to be unmuted or muted when a pattern set is changed, regardless of the current track mute state.


This is disruptive to my workflow, where I expect to have control over the track mute states myself via Track Mute mode.  My expectation was that changing a pattern set would be like changing a pattern, which would have no effect on any track mute states.


I propose there be 3 options for the track mute setting in Pattern Set edit mode: unmuted, (muted) and [no change].  The unmuted and (muted) options would behave as they do today.  The new [no change] option would cause the pattern set to leave the current track mute state as it is with no change.


Tucking this feature away in the Pattern Set edit mode is not intrusive, but also allows for quite a bit of flexibility since it permits the [no change] option to be applied to specific tracks in specific pattern sets. 


This would cause the Toraiz Squid to optionally behave like the beloved MMT-8.


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Thank you for your feedback, We will forward this information to the production team.

Dj Creme
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An alternative might be a Global or Project or Track setting that allows configuring whether Pattern Set changes may or may not affect track mute state.  This would offer the possibility to restrict Pattern Set changes to only change patterns on tracks, instead of the default behavior now which is to also always force a change in track mute state.


Also as an aside: when changing to a different Pattern Set the device seems to lock up and it is impossible to switch into a different mode until after the new Pattern Set has taken effect.

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