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Black Dot DDJ SX3 - still issues?

Last Friday I played a gig and after 7 hours of spinning my sx3 rebooted and audio stopped. Luckily it was during one of the last songs that I played that night with only a small number of people left on the dancefloor. After reboot and disconnect and reconnect USB everything again worked fine. I’ve already played 2 gigs in the past months without having any issue, this was the first issue I had with my SX3 (which I bought in March 2019 and has the black dot by the way).
Maybe it was just a glitch. However, I am not very confident to use the device during my next gig(s). I will give it another try but if it fails me again, I will for sure get in touch with Pioneer to get a solution. Is there anyone having NO issues with the black dotted SX3... ?

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We have been tracking cases of those reporting problems with the SX3 after the voltage regulator was repaired (the "black dot fix"), and while it's difficult to nail down, most of the problems seem to be due to the host computer (and in the majority of cases, it's the graphics adapter driver causing an audio interrupt).

Either way, please file an inquiry ticket here and our support team will be able to gather some additional information to assist you in resolving this issue.

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