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Toraiz owners - Left out in the cold. Pioneer, where are you?

Why doesn't Pioneer go over to the Toraiz FB group and maintain a presence over there? Why is there ZERO online presence with Pioneer as far as customer support? Why does Pioneer have a forum that looks like it was built in 1985 by High School students on a Commodore 64? Why has there been no SP-16 firmware update for over a year? Pioneer is quick to take peoples money, but not so quick to support its loyal customers.
I have a SP-16 and recently purchased a Squid. Is the Squid a Pioneer? Or is it a separate brand name called Toraiz? People want answers and I suggest that Pioneer make an effort to answer people that are keeping the company in business. Your customers. So far, your customer support and lack of an online presence is deplorable. I'm out of work. HIre me to do it. I guarantee I'll do far better of a job than Pioneer has so far, supporting the Toraiz line.
Kevin Farrell

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Theres no way anyone in 1985 could have built anything like this on a C64... I know, I had one. 😂

We're here to take your comments, suggestions, help requests, but we're not doing it on Facebook because it doesn't tie in to our ticketing system (we tried it once; it sucked -- too many people asking for free stuff).

SQUID is a model the same way the SP-16 is in the TORAIZ line, which are all Pioneer DJ products.

Our customer support is pretty good... I'm here answering you, aren't I?

And I see this is your first post, so welcome. Stick around - you'll see just how helpful we can be. 😁🥇

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