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Frequent “no audio driver” on Ddj-1000

I picked up a ddj-1000 about 3 months ago. In that time the audio drivers have failed and required reinstall. I’m on a Mac in Mohave latest build. Latest relordbox and latest firmware. This has happened so frequently I have had to keep the drivers on the Mac so I can reinstall quickly without hunting for the drivers.
Overall I love the unit but the last time this actually happened while I was playing music. Previously this only happened at power on.
I was scanning for vst’s in logic and redacting patches in Kontact. I was stressing the hard drives and or the Mac admittedly but as I was waiting I was actually saying aloud “ at least rekordbox isn’t even hiccuping and I can still listen to music” and BOOM I notice the no audio driver message on the ddj. Music continued to play out but stil....
I must say, in years I NEVER had a failure on my S4mk2

I use the mixer as a sound card for my system when no other card is available. This almost works flawlessly. I know I’m exceeding what’s reasonable to expect no issues but I hope pioneers looks into this.
No driver would be much more preferable to this shit. Having a mixer fail complete during a performance should be unacceptable be any standards and makes using this deck professionally a joke.

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You don't need to reinstall them; simply open the DDJ-1000 Driver Version Display Utility and it will make that message disappear, you can then close it and it will work as expected.

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okay. thank you.

In the shuffle... I think i had noticed this is the boot up list on my mac. In afterthought, I suspected i might have removed/prevented the DDJ-1000 Driver Version Display Utility from my auto boot list and that might have caused my issues to begin with.

Is the DDJ-1000 Driver Version Display Utility supposed to load at boot and run constantly to prevent this form happening altogether?


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