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Cue, hotcue and Loop information / Playlists

RX2 /NX2

It would have been nice to have some sort of reference or indication on tracks that you already have set cue, hotcue or loops in the main search window. Not just a long row of plain tracks.


If  possible get a feature to be able to jump between playlists without closing them out as well. 

The same with loading. Keep the playlist alive instead of jumping to the track and waveform window

Most of the times i have several tracks in the same playlist that i want to load in sequence

So it would be much easier just to select 1st track press 1, and then select track 2 and press 2 and then manual opt out to waveform screen as an example!

That would save a lot of time. Especially on RX or RR hardware 

Martin db

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Re: the loading tracks in order, just press the >| button and it will skip to the next track from the location it was loaded.

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