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Squid could be an MPC (Sequencer) killer with one update.


I am going to try and keep this as short as possible. The Toraiz team have done something a few strokes short of brilliant. This sequencer is highly intuitive. Ideas are generated extremely fast. There was a void in the market and Toraiz was looking at it. Bravo! It could change the electronic music performance industry as we know it.

But, the lack of ability to lengthen or chain these patterns puts on the brakes on the device really fast. Inability to trigger patterns at variable play-start resolutions is also troublesome (your timing has to be perfect and theres no 1. marker on the screen to verify). If my 35 year old TR-606 can play two patterns back to back, why can't the Squid? To boot, performing across a scale often takes 128-256 beats to find resolve. It would only make sense that your next update allow us to chain these patterns with the shift button. Also, No Incoming CC!!!? A learn function would be nice!

Further more, swing info is not sent to DIN/SYNC so I am still using my Future Retro SWYNX for swing on the 808/606 and my B!tchin Sync to divide the clock on the 303.

To round up and address.

Pros: Intuitive, MIDI file drop, 21st century MIDI Processing, Poly-metric. Plugs into everything from 1981 til now.

Cons: No Incoming CC or Learn. 48ppqn, No pattern play-start resolution, no pattern-chains, No OMNI. No DIN Swing or Start/Stop trickery ala (Future Retro Swynx/ Bryantist B!tchin Sync).

Addressing Next-Pattern Play-Start, Pattern-Chain, Incoming CC and you guys are competing head to head with the MPC Sequencer. Without the gimmick of a touch screen.

I want to personally thank the Toraiz team for listening to their customers. This has so much potential. Don't be afraid to change functions like TIE and turn it into pattern-pair. It's the difference between a lot of us keeping the device and selling it.

Thanks again!!

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Thanks for the feedback, we'll pass this along to the product team for consideration.

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This comment is spot on. To add to this I really like the Squid, it's become the heart of my setup, connecting my hardware synths, Eurorack system and other sequencers. The i/o, polyphony and midi drag/drop function are great but the key weak point of the Squid is the lack of pattern chaining and no global function to change patterns across all tracks (unless Ive missed something?). I use the Squid to create various sequences/song sections and record them in a live performance fashion, it'd be really good to be able to chain multiple patterns together and to have the ability to make all channels return to say "pattern one" at the same time.


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