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Squid feature wishlist

Hi guys, I've had the squid about a week and enjoying it immensely. There are some things I could see you improving on, though. Here are my feature suggestions (and apologies if some are already in there and I've missed them):

1. 128 steps per track (or more!) –the 64 step limitation makes it tough to make complicated, evolving musical motifs. If it's not possible to implement, some sort of pattern chaining function (on an individual track level, not globally) would help a lot, especially if you could set it to play, say, pattern A 3 times then pattern B or whatever. I have a friend who liked the look of the Squid but immediately dismissed it because of the 64 step limitation; you'd sell more if you addressed this!

2. 32 tracks in total. Given that you need a track for each drum sound, the number of tracks is low.

3. More optimization for drum programming, including the ability to define and name notes (C1 is "kick 1" or whatever).

4.More patterns for the arpeggiator. Take a look at the Arp plugin in Logic Pro, for example. There are many different patterns, some which incorporate velocity curves etc. Really useful and fun.

5. The display should show the notes/chords being played for each step (especially chords). Possibly make this an option that can be turned off in the settings if some people find it distracting.

6. Probability per step would be much more useful than probability per pattern.

7. More complex ratcheting patterns, including bouncing ball-style acceleration and deceleration.

8. The Rythmic Control buttons should work as note repeat buttons in scale/chord modes rather than taking up 4 pads.


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It definitely needs a dedicated track type for Drums. All of my other sequencers only require one track for drums as that's been the standard now for literally decades. Lazy omission on their part for this.


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