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Rekordbox DJ: Custom GUI Options

Just a few suggestions:

Option to remove the large white circle/time code thing. I use my NXS2 set in conjunction with RBDJ in order to take advantage of Lighting Mode only. I have no need for the timecode circle thing. Would love an option to remove it in order to lower (even slightly) CPU usage and (more importantly) free up screen space.

Similar GUI scrolling waveform layout as Traktor. Though I'm mostly focusing on the waveform of my CDJs, I find the full screen-width parallel waveforms to be a bit much since I'm use to looking at the size of the waveform presented on a CDJ screen. Would love half-sized waveform scrolling, similar to how Traktor has their 2/4 deck setup. It's nice and tidy, would probably reduce the CPU redraw rate as well since there wouldn't be as much lookahead required due to shortened waveform animation length.

Keyboard Shortcut Disable/Lock. I had a bit of an "oops" moment at a recent gig where I thought I was punching in the name of song in the searchbox, but because my "click" of the search box didn't register, I ended up activating a shortcut for a Loop. I would love a way to disable keyboard shortcuts, wherein the keyboard would only act as a pure QWERTY input device with all shortcuts deactivated.

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1) Already there.

2) This isn't Traktor, so not all Traktor features are available... Serato doesn't have that view either. Try using a vertical view to use less room (but then you don't get that option to hide the platter).

3) Add modifiers to your keyboard shortcuts -- like requiring a shift or ALT be pressed as well.

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1. Oh sweet baby Jebus how did I miss that. :-)


2. Well aware that it's not Traktor, Pulse and all the same, there's a TON of stuff Traktor/Serato do not have that Rekordbox/Rekordbox DJ does–hence why I have no intention on abandoning ship. Rather, I'm simply making a harmless suggestion, not troll. I'm not going to throw a fit and stomp away to another DJ app if it's not implemented, just a suggestion for further customizing the GUI for the UX. I've actually been using vertical view for that very reason (reduced screen clutter), probably why I never noticed the Show/Hide Pad and Platter option (though a HUGE thanks for that pointer!). All good, mate.


3. Yes, a solid workaround and one that I've already implemented after my little hiccup at the gig. As I stated before, I'm merely offering suggestions for the development team to take or ignore. Workarounds are sweet, but a solid solution to disable keyboard shortcuts for those who have external hardware controlling everything. Not trying to offend and stir the pot.



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If you want to disable all the keyboard shortcuts an easy workaround is to open preferences > keyboard and select the 'none' preset in the dropdown list. Within the 'none' preset it's also easier to create and save a customized preset where you only assign to the keyboard a few useful functions  including the show/hide pad and platter option.

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