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In case no one has done it, kudos and hats off to Pioneer DJ for producing what is arguably the best standalone sampler around. Minor, mostly user-related issues aside, this [much like its brethren SP-16 and AS-1] is an outstanding machine that should be widely known as a production/DJ-ing instrument, and whose quality and features surely will make it deservedly famous in time. An Instant Classic and a joy to use. Thank You.

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Really though. Its the best damm sampler I ever used. I had a MPC Live, Digitakt and a 10 year user of the MV8800 and they are great machines in their own right but the DJS-1000 is an evolution where every sampler should be in 2019. Its fast, fun and heavily armed. The other companies are just clinging to old methods.

I can have a sequence playing, sample something, edit it, timestretch it, step editing all while the beat goes on, absolutely no interruptions. Besides the SP-16, I don't know of any other standalone sampler that can do that.

While Akai is forcing an MPC to be an Ableton clone, Pioneer stands in a league of their own.

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