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Toraiz SP16 and Djs1000, both lose sync


I have Toraiz SP16 , AS-1 and DJS1000 connected to DJM900nexus2 with 2 CDJ2000nexus2,s  all connected via Pro DJ link .

sometimes all  syncs well for a while . Then everything seems to completely lose sync what ever I try , and only way to get to play in time again is restarting djs 1000 and sp 16 , ,

would be great if someone could advise me on best way to setup the master clock / slave /etc and what settings each device should be set too for most reliable performance . 

Any help would be super .. frustrated frustrated frustrated frustrated

Dj Mr.H

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Hello Mick,

I would recommend setting up your SP-16 as your master and everything else as slave. 


Dj Creme
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SP-16 can only be slaved via DJ Link. No clue why the DJS-1000 can but not the SP-16 but I'll chalk it up to another "oversight" that Pioneer has refused to address.

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