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The potential of this product is yet to be realised. Having played with the creation of my own scenes I am very excited at the prospect of the next release. I wish to add my voice, my observations - which are no doubt a repeat of what you have already heard but I feel that the more it is said, the more you will believe that these things are "must haves". I list them in my order of priority: -

1. Lighting mode "must" work in Pro Link/Export Mode (pretty please)

2. Auto switch from deck to deck - and more than deck 1 & 2 (I use 2 & 3).

3. Lighting mode must be editable / manageable whilst music is playing - even if you need a 2nd laptop / device, it should be an option. Did I say should/ Must!

I could go on but you do this for a living so I defer to the professionals.

Thanks again for a (potentially) great product in the RB DMX and Lighting Mode and the great software and hardware you already have perfected.



Stephen Wood

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+1 some really nice features that would benefit everybody indeed!!!

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