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Modest Update Suggestions

I humble ask to see if Rekordbox would implement these simple suggestions:

1) An up and down arrow on the farthest right of the track window. With large libraries, sometimes we only want to move through our list slower and having to use the big indicator causes it to move through the tracks too fast and cumbersome. 

2) There are some screen anomalies and tearing on laptops that use 4k displays and resolutions. I can try lowering the resolution but it would be waste to not be able to keep the display looking crisp on the 3840 x 2160 resolution.

3) As someone who uses the star ratings, it would be nice if the stars were actually a different color, such as yellow. I find that the stars blend in a bit too much when everything is the same color.

Thank you for your time and hopefully one or all of these changes can appear in an upcoming update. I still enjoy and prefer Rekordbox and my go-to DJ software.

Franklin Condori

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