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Someway to Sync everything! ABLETON LINK

I'm a Serato convert,
I'm also a Lighting and Visuals guy, an Ableton Producer and a musician.

I love Rekordbox DJ
It's really great, combines my favourite bits of all the others and a bunch of new stuff too. Really fun to perform in. Integrates fantastically with my SX2.

I feel it is the best DJ software.

But not being able to sync up with other apps, even today
is my one pain point!
please please plase look into this!

Integration of Ableton Link locked to the master tempo and maybe a midi clock output for the people or platforms that require that.

(and maybe a SMPTE output for controlling Resolume videos)

Beat syncing VJ loops or layering in instruments from Ableton and other epic plans require this one last feature.

I can get ableton link via proDJ link and 3rd party software from CDJ's
But I prefer DJing on software and that's what the hardware I own can do.

It's been requested a lot
It's obviously a well demanded feature
It's been several years
I know many people who are holding back from switching to this platform based on this feature alone.

Please look into this!

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It's on the roadmap, can't say when it's coming, but it's on the way.

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