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No sound through headphones on DDJ 1000

Hi guys, I hope someone can help me out!
Issue: there’s no sound coming through my headphones. I already reinstalled rekordbox, update the ddj 1000 drivers etc.

Setup: my presonus audiobox 2 is connected to my MacBook pro with usb. The Pioneer usb is connected to a usb hub so I can use another usb stick for my tracks. I also tried not using the usb hub and directly connected the Pioneer into my MacBook as well.

In the rekordbox audio settings I can only choose ‘build in output’ and ‘ presonus audiobox 2’. I use my audiobox cause only then I get the tracks playing through my Krk 5’s.

Now on the Pioneer all channels work perfectly. When i want to hear the next track (loaded in channel 2) through my headphone, I click on CUE on track 2. Headphone level is over 60% turned on. The knob that lets you switch to CUE and master is standing in the middle. So everything is how its supposed to be (?!). Yet I still don’t hear anything through my headphone.

Can someone please help me out here?

Koen Alders Répondu

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