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Preview Player Volume

Is it not possible to change the preview player volume in rekordbox?

It's way too loud and I keep have to adjusting the volume between previewing the track and cueing the other deck.

They both need to be the same.

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Ah yes, you're using the 900NXS2 linked... was that not controlled through the master level at top right? I can't recall.

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No, that has no effect.
The only way to change it is with the PHONES LEVEL knob,
but it's so much louder than the CUE track.

In order for the preview and CUE track be the same, or similar,
my TRIM has to be at 12 o'clock which is no good - I need to have my TRIM at 10 o'clock
and  my MASTER at 2 o'clock to avoid the red levels.

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