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RB-DMX1 - Eurolite LED B-40 Beam effect and Eurolite FE1000 flower Effekt not on the Lighting Fixture List??? Why?

Hi everyone,

I have two products in my lighting set:
- Eurolite B-40 Beam Effekt
- Eurolite FE-1000 flower Effekt

Unfortunately I can not find them on the list to implement for RB-DMX1.
Can someone explain why they are not on the list of available devices?

GreGory_eM Répondu

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Could you send us the complete manuals for the fixtures you want to be added in the database? Please take a look at this post.
We need a link to the product manuals in order to complete your request. Also, please keep in mind to create one post for each fixture.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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