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DDJ-SX repair cost

Hello, recently my DDJ-SX controller started having problems: lights flash, glitch, pressing some buttons activates others instad, and a jog wheel dosen't work. It kind of gives me the idea of a little surge or some wrong electrical connections.

I wanted to have a rough idea on how much could it cost reapiring it, and if it's worth it since it starts beein an old device.

Is it possible only a small chip must be replaced or usually this kind of damage brings to a whole replacement of the motherboard?

If anyone had a similar experience it would be really helpful.


Lorenzo Magni Répondu

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Your best bet is to contact an authorized repair facility in your region to get an estimate. As you're likely out of warranty, at the very least, they would have an inspection fee to determine the problems and the amount of repairs / parts required. Typically that fee can be applied toward to the repairs themselves, but best to inquire with them as nobody here could tell you more based on the information available (nor are they authorized to, sorry!)

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