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Some much needed features for the RMX-1000 iOS app...

Hi all,

So, I have been using the RMX-1000 app with my DJM-900 nexus 2 and It's a lot of fun. But the app has so much more potential that isn't used. Here are some suggestions that could really make this app a lot better. Your loyal customers pay a lot of money to play with your products, so adding some modern features to the app would make a lot of customers happy without a doubt.

#1 Make the user interface scalable or give at least the option to either pinch zoom in or make the GUI larger.

#2 Let us import our own samples and sample banks just like the original RMX unit. This should be a no-brainer.

#3 Add "Ableton Link" protocol.

#4 Make the lowest audio buffer 64 samples instead of 128 samples, the latest iOS devices can handle this with ease. I always have some latency in my headphone cue when using the app which is really annoying. It almost renders the app useless at some points to be honest. This should not be happening with a 2K + mixer and an official app.


I hope you guys can consider these suggestions and do a big update for the app in the future. Thanks.



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