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Headphone que ddj 200

I have just purchased the new DDJ 200 and I am using it with rekordbox on my laptop. I am having trouble trying to cue a track in my headphones while having the main track playing on the master volume through my speakers so I can beat match and mix the 2 tracks together. I'm new to DJing so sorry if this sounds stupid but I have the main track playing through channel 1 I press the headphone cue 2 button to listen to the second track through my headphones but I can't here anything. The only way I can here the second track is by putting the channel fader up but this defeats the purpose of mixing without the track being played on the master volume (speakers). Am I missing something obvious here or would it be a problem with my speakers or something?

Reece Johnson

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I face the same problem on Windows 7, then I used another laptop with Windows 10 and it worked well. But I am having a problem with the Filter Knobs, they are not working with Rekordbox while they work perfectly on the Iphone. Did you face that too ?

Moe Awada 0 votes
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