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More distortion reports on Pioneer DJ-1000

I too (many others have posted an have had her posts "closed") am having distortion issues with DJ Pioneer - 1000.  

Can you call me or assist via email or can I get a refund or fix please?  I am really bummed toot be able to record or play out with my $1100 DJ console. 

Your faithful customer,



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@Lumenetti > If you're within the return period of your retailer, you can contact them for a refund or exchange. Outside of that period, we'd be happy to have one of our authorized service centres inspect and service it if a fault is found. If you're within the warranty period of 1 year from purchase, it's on us!

If you'd like to try and troubleshoot it here with us, give us some details... make/model of your computer, CPU, RAM, OS version, other USB devices connected, firmware version on the unit, driver version installed, software version, etc... anything you can tell us.

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