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Sorting files on my usb

When I sort my files on my usb using rekordbox they don’t seem to be sorted in the same way when I open my playlist on my xdj rx2. I have tried exporting the file to the usb and then going into the devices/usb/then the playlist I want and have sorted it by bpm. When I open it on my decks it’s still sorted by name. I have also tried sorting the file by bpm before I export it but It goes on the isbkn alphabetical order again. Is there a way to sort the music files in my xdj rx2?

Getting very frustrated with this please help

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In rekordbox, on the playlist you've already exported to the USB, click the column by which you wish to sort, then at the top of the window click Playlist > Renumber Track Order and it will store that as the default.

Don't forget you can always change the sort order on the RX2 itself by pressing the MENU button and selecting a sort option.

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