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Hot Cue - Edit / Right Click glitch

In the desktop (Mac OS) application of RB all of a sudden I am having trouble "right clicking" to edit hot cues (add comment / change color). Is anyone else experiencing this? Right clicking anywhere else in the application behaves as expected, just not on the hot cue pads :/

Brandon Thomas

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Which version of rekordbox, which version of the OS... any details!

Does it only happen when "right clicking" or do you have the same problem when performing a control+click?

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I am running 5.6.0. on RB and OS Movaje 10.14.5. and I was able to figure out why. It was happening with ctrl+click as well...

It was due to installing the "better snap tool" application. Within better snap tool I was able to disable it for RB and it is now working as expected once again though.


Brandon Thomas 1 vote

I have the same problem. Thanks Brandon Thomas for identifying the issue!

Brandon Nalls 0 votes