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DDJ-400 is not recognized on Mac

DDJ-400 is not recognized in Recordbox on Mac, Mojave 10.14.4, Recordbox 4.5.0

When I connect DDJ-400 to Mac, it lights up, yet then only some of the buttons glow. Any action on the controller makes nothing in Recordbox, e.g. I can't load a track to a controller, scroll through my collection with the controller.  

License is activated. DDJ actually appears in Recordbox Preferences > Controller tab. DDJ is in Core Audio as well. It is also visible in USB connected to Mac. I was checking by this article: http://faq.pioneerdj.com/product.php?c=660&lang=en&p=DDJ-400&t=faq (The only thing I wasn't able to do is to delete DDJ-400 from Audio MIDI setup in a way it is in the article - just no Remove icon appears after I click DDJ, "-" icon is not clickable too.). The only thing I was able to do through the controller is Level control. 

I tried to connect DDJ-400 PC on Windows 7 and it worked. When I opened Recordbox there, a tutorial appeared as well which I didn't have when I connected it to Mac. All the buttons glowed and respond and I was able to browse tracks to the controller. 

Roman Papusha

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Key: "rekordbox 4.5.0" -- you need to upgrade to 5.4 or newer.

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