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DDJ RR Tempo change


When trying to change the percentage of tempo of a track with the changed BPM from its original it automatically increases/decreases the percentage to the selected range of tempo (e.g. if the tempo range of the track with the changed 124 BPM will be decreased from 10% to 16%, the tempo of the track will automatically decrease by 6% what distorts playing speed). This is not the case, however, when the tempo of the track is set up to its original. Is it possible to modify this function in order to prevent automatic decrease/increase of the tempo while changing the tempo range of the track with changed BPM?


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No, because the fader hardware is at that location; if it's half-way between the zero point and full +, it would be at +50% of whatever range is selected. For 6%, that would mean +3%, for 16%, it would mean +8%.

The only way this would not occur is if the deck is a slave to the other deck, and you'd have to do a "pick-up" to move the hardware fader to the position of the software value to adjust it further.

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