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DDJ 1000 Factory Reset

The USB cable got bumped while we were updating the firmware and now its just going into update mode.  

This happened to us one time with a CDJ2000NXS2 and my tech knew the button combination for a factory reset.  But we don't know it for this unit.

What is the factory reset for the DDJ 1000?

Walt White

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@Walt > Unfortunately there is no "reset" as you might think of it - the factory reset procedure on the DDJ-1000 only returns the settings to their default values.

The recommended procedure to recover from a failed firmware update is to power-cycle the DDJ, then attempt the update again.

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great thanks... i had to let it sit unpowered for a long time ... the first three times i power cycled it... i didnt wait long enough.  

for those of you that use this thread for reference ... leave the controller off with no power supply for like 60 seconds. 

it actually never powered back to normal operating mode... but after i power cycled it the last time... the firmware update software saw the unit and finished the firmware update.

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