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Sumger DM-RGB400 Professional DMX512 LED Stage Light RGB Laser Scanner

I'm trying to use the rekordbox lighting but i can't find any of the fixtures I bought.


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Product description

Remote Control / AUTO / Sound Activated
Installation of Ceiling
Cooling system in Intelligent temperature control Using in wide range.

Item Model: DM-RGB400
Light Color: Red, Green, Blue
Mode Control: Auto, Remote Control,Sound Activated
Power Supply: Output 12V 1.5A AC adapter
Power Supply: input AC110v~AC240v , 50/60Hz
Product size: 280*180*100(mm)

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Could you please send us the full manual for this fixture? Unfortunately, the dmx description alone is not enough. Also, please note that due to the moving laser present, the fixture might not be fully supported in rekordbox.

 Please take a look at this post.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
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