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Recordbox / DDJ RB - Macbook Air - No Audio on headphones

I`m using DDJ RB with MacBook Air (High Sierra v 10.13.6) via Recordbox (5.6.0) with Firmware (1.03) and Driver for Mac El Capitan or Later (2.0.0) installed. Even then the audio on my headphones stops after about 10 minutes of playing. I've reinstalled the entire software + updates and also  tried new USB cable on my laptop with no luck.

This problem has been going on since I got DDJ RB 2 years ago, so I've been using my windows laptop in order to avoid this issue. But now I really want to use my MacBook Air, which I specifically bought for using DDJ RB/Recordbox. 

I've already put in my compliant under ticket number #39400 and 51663, where I received few more suggestions, but the result unfortunately remains the same.

Could you please provide any other suggestion. 

Thanks in advance!

nishil nath

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I don't think 51663 is your ticket... unless you have another user account.

I see that the ticket is open with the head of the rekordbox team, so I'm going to close this post and direct you to continue the conversation there. Thanks.

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