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[rekordbox + RB-DMX1] Manual controls [Feature request]

As much as i like the lighting function, the limitation to analyzed audiofiles is somewhat a showstopper. I would love to be able to use the lighting feature with the external inputs of the DDJ-800 with my CDJ-400.
As speed data is already available as BPM value, i think this should be feasible.

As of now, lighting commands can be assigned to the performance pads (changing programs like Club1, Club2, Cool and others aswell as colors). Now giving access to the patterns (Intro, Verse etc) shouldn't be impossible to implement. The patterns already exist, all it needs is a way to trigger them.

I think that would be a great addition and would raise the use of the lighting feature even more.

Thank you for your time, i hope you take this feature request into consideration.


Michel Henkel

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