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sound on ddj 400

sound in rekordbox and windows system sounds normally in ddj but other apps like spotify and chrome not what should i do?

Reinaldo Souza Campos Répondu

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The design of the DDJ-400 is not such that it can be used as a standard Windows audio device, but if you use a pass-through software such as Voicemeeter (or Voicemeeter Banana), you can set-up the "virtual audio device" as the default audio device for your system, then add the DDJ-400 as the audio output. As Voicemeeter is capable of sending audio to the DDJ-400's multiple channels, it can then provide output from Windows for other applications.

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I have the same problem.I cannot play audio outside rekordbox.I cannot play from youtube , Chrome , VLC and everything.I am using latest version rekordbox with windows 10

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