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New S9 unable to get Rekordbox and DVS to work


I just recieved my new DJM S9 yesterday.  Drivers are installed on Mac, firmware is updated.  Mixer utility settings look correct.  DVS account is active until 9/8.  Rekordbox shows that is connected to S9 but in Audio settings in Rekordbox there is no choice for S9 in the drop down, only “Built In Audio”  

Getting an error when I run the control signal/trying to set up DVS.  No control signal is being read from control vinyl to Rekordbox.  No output to house in internal mode.

As an aside, All my Nexus 2 gear works flawlessly in Rekordbox - I have been using RB since September last year.

I have gigs starting tomorrow so getting pretty desperate.





Phil Anthony

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Okay, think I just solved it.  It was the high sierra issue where the s9 audio driver was being blocked.  Man that was super annoying.

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