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DDJ 1000 - Bad Audio

I have a problem in my DDJ-1000, the audio is going out of quality, here in Brazil we say that the audio is cracked, as if it were a torn speaker, performed all checking procedures, tests and settings in the software RekordBox, in DDJ-1000 ASIO configuration utility and the equipment, I changed the audio cables, speakers, notebook and nothing the problem persists, I also have a DDJ-SR controller and did the following test: using the same notebook, the same speakers sound, same DJ software (RekordBox) and same cables with DDJ-SR the sound comes out with excellent quality, which leads me to believe that the problem is in the DDJ-1000 controller, is there any factory reset, or any more What configuration can be done to solve this problem? or by my narration is this a hardware problem? In which case should I go to a service center?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Forgive me for English, I'm using an online translator.

Paulinho Nascimento

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i've got the same problem, sound crack when i mixing or recording. I changed the latency, turn off the turbo boost of my I5 core processor, nothing works... If someone have an issue it will be nice.


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