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Correcting wrong beat analysis - Is it possible?

On quite many songs the analysis misses the beat :-(
Is it possible to manually correct the beat analysis?

If it only mistakes the 1 and put it at 2 og 4 it's not that hopeless.

You can still use BPS sync, and CUE and PLAY "snaps" to the right beat.

BUT sometimes it misses completly.
Like putting the 1 at 1.4 og 4.3 or something.

And then you have to disable BEAT / BPS sync and do it "the old way".
But it's a bit annoying to discover this for a song in the middle of a gig.

So is there any way to manually correct this (to adjust the "grid" up/down)?


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Hi Lars,

You can find quite some tutorials about Rekordbox beat grid corrections on YouTube.

To bad it's all done manually per track, and not at once. Good luck with >1000 tracks...

A lot of digital DJ's suffer from this problem, and not only with Rekordbox.

It seems that the program Mixed In Key does the job better. You can use this for proper beat, key, and cue analysing, and then import the music in Rekordbox. Tutorials also can be found on YouTube.

But as always, beat grids are often as good as the music track it self. Not all are static 130BPM digital house tracks.

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