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Assign a different playlist or explorer to each deck on the Ddj-1000


It would be nice to assign a different explorer or playlist to each deck on the Ddj-1000.

For example, you could have one deck with acapellas and other with bases.


Javi X

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You can't have each knob controlling a different playlist as each operates the same "view," but you CAN open a second browser window by clicking here:

That would then allow you to bounce between them to have two different playlists open and load as necessary.


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Thank you for answering so quickly.

I know I can open a second browser, but I don't know wich button I have to use on the Ddj-1000 to move through the second browser, because when I use the Knob and the "BACK" button I can only move through the main browser.

The only way I know to move through the second browser is using the PC.

Is there any shortcut on the controller?

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