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DDJ-1000 Constant Static Feedback

I currently getting constant static during playback.  I have changed all of the XLR cables to the speakers with no success.  When connecting an iPad through a separate controller to the speakers, the sound is clear.  


My connection to the controller is via USB and a Windows-based laptop.  

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This also occurs quite often when the laptop has a low-quality charging circuit on the mainboard. If you disconnect the power cord, you may find the static vanishes. As @Ravinstomper says, you might try using an isolation transformer, but that may not remove the issue completely.

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you have what is known as a ground loop.

caused from units using same power supply and connected together via cables ie usb and xlr. this is a frequency hum that ends up spewing out the speakers.

youtube "ground loop" for indepth tech details my friend.

just need to simply add a ground loop isolator between your mixer out and speakers. fixed.

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