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3.7dB volume loose on the pre-listening and mixeur process via rekordbox



I can't figure out why all the track I played via rekordbox to create my playlists are 3.7dB less louder than in my windows player or anything else ? (While using pre-listening or players available.

I am using the 4.5.0 version on W10. Master out is 100% and I am using scarlette 6i6 on usb Asio but it was the same before that. I don't use any controllers on it.

I suppose there is two option, the first one is that I missed a virtual output knob somewhere, and I hope this is this.

The second one is that while rekordbox analyse track, they lower the volume but I don't see any parameters for this. Also, I use normal analysis mode and performance analysis processus. Did somebody else noticed that ? Thank you.

Albert Chaillot

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