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Broken/Wrong ID3 details of a file if it includes special characters

Hi all

Just wanted to report a bug on RekordBox (latest version, probably in the past as well).

Just spend almost an hour of figuring out what's going on with this.

I have a bunch of mp3 files in a folder, where the first one started with character "[", (both, filename and track title).

When importing into library, RekordBox took and copied over all of the ID3 tag info from the track that's next in the folder (aka next track on the list), including title, album, artist, and duration. When playing track, the duration was correct, but other info were not.

The result becomes having two tracks with identical ID3 tag info and details in collection/playlists, despite the fact that tracks are not identical at all.

If I try to import either of the tracks (the one with "[" and "]" in the name/title, and the track that is next in line, from which the ID3 tags are taken), they're both detected as duplicates, so track detection and analysis works ok, it's just the details that are wrong.

If this is not the place to report bugs, please advise where to report.



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This is the right place ... I know I have a few tracks with square brackets in the title but they don't have that issue - is it in the filename itself?

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@pulse > The square bracket was a first character in both, filename and track name, as mentioned in the post :)

I haven't gotten deeper into the issue, but will look into it and try to diagnose more detailed what is causing a bug and how/if possible - to replicate in on a different file, as I haven't tried that yet.

I also wouldn't mind sharing the file for debug purposes, if that helps.

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