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PadFX / FX on Beat ?

Hello Board,

have a question to You ...
after 10 years with Traktor I switched to Rekordbox
and have a issue

if I play in Performance Mode, and use the FX or PadFX
they wont start with a Beat, they start instantly when I hit em

specialy with Insert-Effects like the Roll,
I want to roll a beat, and not the offbeat 
same with Gater, Echo and many other ...
(example: Roll: 1/2 to double the kick, 1/4 rolls the kick)

Had a Effect-Quantization in Traktor,
any way to to active it in Rekordbox DJ as well?

thanks in advance :-)

Marco Enrico Cantalamessa

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The Beat FX are designed to lock to the timing of the grid, but not necessarily to quantize as DJs had requested they not adhere to the quantization, even if quantize was enabled.

I'll pass this along as a consideration to include as a separate preference in the quantize settings.

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Hi, thanks for reply :-)

I agree with send-effects like reverb,

but specialy in techno music, when 90% are drumparts
the insert-effects has to hit the right spot
they have to roll, stutter, gate, delay etc. the beat-itself

I use this feature since many years with Traktor
it was complicated there to map it on my controller-pads
because You have to create complex macros with right parameters
but with Rekordbox You can add the effects so simple with drag & drop,
that make things lot easier ... would be fantastic if this adjustment get included soon

thanks for help, and a nice day :-)

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