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DDJ 1000SRT fader interference issue

during 2nd use of brand new DDJ1000SRT I accidentally discovered an issue with channels #2 & #4 faders. While a track is playing on deck/channel #2, when touch deck/channel #4 fader, it treats and sharp static noise, and also stutters the track on  #2 and creates a Hot Cue point (always yellow) of stutters on random existing Host Cue though out the whole fader #4 travel length. No other channels/faders affected.  I am a full time professional DJ and own and use majority of Pioneer DJ gear on daily basis (DDJ900NXS2, S9, SZ, and others) and never encountered nor even heard of such issue. I understand that deck is not often used, but this a brand new controller and newest, hot model, so I would prefer it to work in correct manner.

Few approaches takes so far:

Unplugged & Restarted both Hardware & Software multiple times: NO CHANGES

Reinstalled New Serato 2.2.2 version twice and re-dowloaded DDJ1000SRT driver twice: NO CHANGES

Tried using 3 different USB cables & 2 different ports (directly to MAcBook Pro,


Hardware & Software Using:

2015 MacBook Pro 15" Retina

2019 Pioneer DDJ1000SRT (arrived 8/16/2019, issue encountered on 8/19/2019 during 2nd use)

Serato Pro latest version: 2.2.2

Yamaha HS5 motors 

Brand new XLR audio cables


Please help if this issue can be resolved remotely or need to exchange the unit which trying to avoid if possible.


Thank you


DJ Diezl

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The hot cue issue may be that there is a MIDI mapping enabled; please check that you don't have the Serato Hardware Remapping enabled by opening the preferences to the MIDI tab, click the DDJ-1000SRT in the upper window and look at the checkbox above that window.

As for the crackling, is it over the headphones, master output, or both?

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