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DDJ 1000-SRT Beat FX

I was wondering if Pulse or somebody else from Pioneer could comment on whether the beat FX section of the DDJ 1000-SRT will be updated to sync to the BPM in Serato?

I believe it currently works this way on the original DDJ 1000 with rekordbox, but the SRT does not read the BPM from Serato and instead detects the BPM manually.

Will it be possible for this to be updated via an update to Serato or a firmware update for the SRT itself?


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This has been passed to the engineers to review. Thank you for your feedback.

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Dear Pioneer!

Love the DDJ 1000 SRT. You did a lot of things right with this unit. Have been using for about a week now. I'm a working DJ and have been using your equipment for many years.

The Beat FX BPM issue is seriously a bummer. I have to tap the BPM every time I mix. I do really quick transitions at times and it doesn't always work out. Several mixes sounded super amateur last night as a result of this. It's affecting the quality of my delivery at this time.

Please respond to this post and advise if something can be done to address this or fix this issue. You should also check the Serato forum as well as other users are having the same issue. Thanks!


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