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DDJ 1000 Freezes with Blank Jog Display

Hi There,My 1 Month Old DDJ-1000 is giving me a few headaches and i wanted to find out i could get some help here.I have been using it without any issues since i bought it,but recently,it has started having "micro-freezes" during use, where it pauses for a brief second and then resumes play afterwards. However when it resumes play,
1. The wave-forms on the Jog Display disappear completely although the spinning indicator keeps moving and music plays normally.
2. Also the performance pads loose their assigned colors and they all turn violet.
This goes on till i load a new song and then sometimes the wave-forms re-appear.

This is a link to a video description on my google drive.


1.I have tried re-installing the firmware 1.06 successfully but still keep getting the same issue

2.I have uninstalled and re-installed the drivers as well

3.I have changed USB connection slots on my computer

4.I have changed the buffer size/latency several times

5.I am willing to ship it to the nearest service center if possible and have them have a look at it for me (the nearest one in my continent is in Morocco)


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Dude! Ive got the exact same issue wtf.
Its barely 45 says old - its happened over 4-5 tomes now.

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I have tried recommended optimization settings for windows such as decreasing CPU power limit to 99% in a bid to disable intel turbo boost and also changing processor priority from programs to background processes. I am still having the same issues. The thing is i never experienced these within the first few weeks till after a month or so.. I really need some help and direction on here because i have sent an email to the service centre in Morocco and i haven't gotten any response which is pretty sad.

Is there  anyone i can contact? Is there a service centre willing to have a look at what is going on?

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