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Master Thesis Issue

Hello to everyone,

sorry for the unusual post, but I am actually working on my master thesis which argument is filtering (and mixers are filters). In the modelling  part I used a DDJ-T1 with Traktor 2 to see the "strength" of the filtering action and also to record the modified signal. While checking for the effects I saw that, when the attenuation is above 85% there is a strange effect as a kind of ripple in the frequency amplitude at the modified frequency. 

I would like to know if someone could be so kind to maybe help me (after a wider explanation), telling me why this happens or if you know how to contact the offices of Pioneer for these kind of issues.

Thanks a lot for your time, 


Andrea Calabrò Répondu

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Your best bet is to contact someone at Native Instruments as the DDJ-T1 is simply a controller sending command signal values to the software, which itself applies the audio filtering to the music.

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Yes I already wrote them an email, I just thought it could be also something about the hardware (since the knobs are logarithmic, closing everything means going to minus infinite that is not an existing value).

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