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iTunes Sync Creating Duplicates

Whenever I sync my iTunes library on Rekordbox, it creates a duplicate song (without the cues anymore) in the collection.  How do I fix this?

Both entries of the same song point to the same file when I click SHOW IN FINDER.  Both files play.

I have the "Let iTunes Organize Your Library" option turned off - it was never on.  

I'm on a MacBook Pro - Mojave.  I recently moved from a MacBook Air and did a Rekordbox Backup -> Restore.


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Then I'm guessing that your username is different from one computer to the other, thus creating a difference in the paths between the old files and the new ones. Can you verify that by sorting by song name and looking at the FOLDER column?

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Thanks Pulse.  I was able to resolve it last night. The usernames were almost the same - old was all lower case while the new one had an upper case character. Apparently, Rekordbox is case sensitive when identifying songs.

I was able to fix it by doing the following:

1. Rename "iTunes" folder to "iTune"

2. Started Rekordbox then Find Missing Files.

3. Relocate files. [This fixed the collection in Rekordbox but I now have to send get everything back to the "iTunes" folder]

4. Close Rekordbox

5. Rename "iTune" folder to "iTunes"

6. Start Rekordbox then Find Missing Files

7. Relocate files.


Hope this helps others in the future.  Good thing I backed up the backup collections.

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